Glossybox - June 2012 (Italy)

Hi girls! I decide to dedicate an entire post to the english presentation of the italian Glossybox of June. The italian post is very long, and to avoid making it even longer, here's an englis post for all of you dear foreign followers ♥

Attention! This post contains spoiler for all of you who have not received yet the italian Glossybox of June. Do not read on!
If you want to read the italian post, click here!

So, here are the products I received with this month's Glossybox ...

  • L'OCCITANE - Crema Mani al Karitè - € 2,50 / 10ml

Strange to find a nourishing hand cream in summer, but I enjoyed this minisize. I really like the packaging, which I think is classic for L'Occitane products, but I never tried them.
Plus it has a very fresh scent, but I cannot identify it ... It could be Lavender?
I'll definitely try it, when the cold season arrives.
Also there's a gift voucher for two travel products for each purchase you make in L'Occitane shops, until August 31.

  • BIOSOLIS - Fluide Extrême Visage SPF50+ - €16,95 / 40ml

I was very surprised when I read that this sunscreen with high protection factor is completely BIO. I had never seen around Bio Sunscreen that exceeded the Spf 30! Well, as ghostly-skin girl, I'll try it for sure!

  • EVERLINE - Watever Hair & Body - € 13,90 / 100ml
It's a scented thermal water for hair and body. Surely containing perfume, I don't think it's suitable for face, but I appreciate it, it has a very refreshing scent.
I wonder if it can be used as a refreshing water under the sun ... I'll try to search for information ;)

  • ARTDECO - Ceramic Nail Lacquer - € 7,50 / 6ml
I'm really interested in this brand ... until a few years ago it was distributed in Douglas shops, but then it disappeared! 
This nail polish seems nice, maybe this color is more suitable for winter. It's num. 150, a lavender/lilac with cold undertone, cream finish. I'll definitely try it!

  • ZOEVA - Forever Eye Crayon € 4,50 / 1,60gr

I deeply love this brand ♥. I was expecting a pencil eyeshadow (even though I hoped for a pigment ...), and I received the Candle Light shade, a very bright peachy nude.
The texture looks identical to Stick Eyeshadow from Kiko. 
I saw that some girls received the Bluemine one, a beautiful peacock blue/green, but I'm happy, and this means that the beauty profile was observed, 'cause this time I added to prefer light colors.

To conclude, I feel absolutely satisfied with the service, although at this point, it would be appropriate to call it "Glossybox of July", don't you think?
I will not be subscribed for the next boxes, 'cause I prefer that it remains a gift that I can get by myself occasionally.

And you, girls in other countries? I'm curious to know what you received with your June Glossybox!

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